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Tips for Boosting Productivity with Good Office Design

by admin
November 26, 2014
Category:   WORD PRESS

People react strongly to their environment. Just look at the prices of the hotels that are one next to the other on some lovely Riviera. They have the same sun, the same place, the same distance from the beaches, but what makes them different is the accommodation that they provide. People are ready to spend more money if you let them stay in a better designed rooms. That is just how important it is to have good design. The same goes for the offices where people spend eight hours a day and are expected to do their best.
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Colors and Lights
With lights and colors, you can make a space look big, small, cramped, large, bright or dark. The combination of these two do wonders. Therefore, use them to your advantage when you design your offices. You should avoid using intensive and dark colors as they will make people seem caged and cramped in their offices. Also, avoid that hospital look with clear white walls or that awful shade of green that you can see only at the hospitals. As for the light, don’t make your employees feel like they are under the spotlight all the time, but for clear thinking and good work, you need a space well lit, especially the accent lights for desks and the like.

Physical Activity
Keep that blood flowing and reaching the brain faster. You can do that by standing up once in a while and walking from time to time. This doesn’t mean that your building needs to have a gym, but it needs to have a lounge area so that your workers can stretch those legs tired from sitting behind the desk all the time. Also, this will allow for them to change the scenery after a while which will make them feel less tired.

Keeping the space clean is of the outmost importance for many reasons. The health issues are on the first place and they go without saying. However, besides those, there are other reasons to pay extra attention to the hygiene in the workplace. When there is dust, clutter and garbage everywhere, people feel like everything is sloppy around them and they tend to act the same. It will lower their productivity significantly. Also, bad hygiene causes bad smells and smells are essential for people’s mood. Therefore, this is something to keep a close eye on.

Bringing in some natural elements in the office is a must. Nature relaxes, invigorates and energizes people. While you cannot have a river in the company’s building, a small fountain could do very well. Also, pot plants that are used as air purifiers are excellent and amazing way to keep the stern and sterile business environment more humane. However, if you choose to have plants in your offices, make sure that somebody takes care of them. There is nothing as depressing as watching a plant die of lack of nurture.

The furniture in the office needs to be suited to your employees. The computer chairs need to be ergonomic as well as the desks and everything else that is used by your employees all the time. This will make them healthier and more productive because they will be comfortable and feel fresh.
Having a design that entices the productivity of your employees doesn’t have to mean that you need to spend tons of money on it or that you need to copy the offices of big corporations. You need to have a reasonable budget for this purpose, and to use it wisely.

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